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Revolutionary Israeli Nuclear Fusion Company Secures $22M in Series A Funding for Clean Energy

Nuclear fusion energy company NT-Tao has recently raised a $22 million Series A round led by Delek US and NextGear Ventures, with additional participation from Honda, OurCrowd, and the Grantham Foundation. The investment brings NT-Tao's total funding to $28 million. The company's mission is to transition the world from conventional energy sources towards fusion energy technology as the cleanest and most sustainable energy source.

Oded Gour-Lavie

"NT-Tao is rapidly headed towards developing a high-density, compact fusion reactor to provide the cleanest form of sustainable energy to mitigate the pending climate crisis," said Oded Gour-Lavie, Co-founder and CEO of NT-Tao. "With the support of industry-leading investors, NT-Tao is moving at a rapid pace of development to ensure that the commercialisation of fusion energy becomes a reality."

NT-Tao's proprietary ultra-fast plasma heating method will enable it to reach 1000 times higher density than other fusion reactors, making its fusion reaction 1 million times more effective. The company aims to commercialise its technology this decade and is led by management team members with a high level of expertise.

Honda's Director and Senior Managing Executive Officer, Shinji Aoyama, believes that "fusion energy technology will be a breakthrough technology for affordable, stable, clean energy, and we envision this technology will become increasingly important as electrified vehicles become more popular." NT-Tao's innovative approach to fusion energy and its talented leadership team has sparked the interest of industry-leading investors and companies, making it a promising player in the global energy sector.



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